The journey begins…

I think it is necessary to teach the value of defeat to the new generation, to managing it, to the humanity that comes from it, to build an identity capable of experiencing a common fate, where one can fail and restart without personal worth and dignity being affected, to not become a winner in society, by passing over the body of others to be first.
In this world of vulgar and dishonest winners, of false and opportunistic abusers, of the people who occupy power, who snatch the present, let us imagine the future. To all the neurotics of success, appearance, and of becoming something, to this anthropology of the winner, I prefer by far him who loses. It’s something I know how to do well. And it reconciles me with my sacred little.
But I am a man who prefers to lose rather than winning with disloyal and pitiless, cruel means. Its a grave error from my side, I know. And the beauty is that I have the insolence to defend this fault, to consider it quasi a virtue.”

– Pier Paolo Pasolini

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