It was never right

Bonn, 21.04.2019

Dear T.

I fell in love with you because it was right. I loved you for everything you could have been, for what we could have been.

But you were not, and we were not, and we would would have never been.

I thought you were the best I could ever meet, that could happen to me.

And then you proved me over and over again that you were not.

Oh well! iSn’t that what you always say…

So I suppose you are not.

There is nothing I can do about it. Its you. You should have. And never will.

Because to you this never had the importance it had to me.

An idiotic importance. A little self-reflected important.

Here I felt sorry for you, for not realizing your full potential, when in reality I was not realizing my full potential by staying with you.

I fell in love with you. I felt sorry for you. For not being man enough to not stand to your word, for not realizing you were a man, for not realizing you were just simply lying.

NOw I let go of you.

All we have in common is fight.

There’s no pleasure, pleasant moent, no love, it was never there.

L. Shams

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